Unitiate aims to bring a free platform that is accessible by every high school student, to receive the support they need to get into their desired career and post-secondary institution. Our goal is to increase the number of students pursuing higher education and decrease the number of indecisive students who are unsure of which program/major to pursue. In addition, we want to maximize student potential to enroll in their desired post-secondary schools with a strong application. With the overarching challenge of teachers and counsellors not having enough time to help high school students with post-secondary related information, and Covid-19 acting as a catalyst, many students are not prepared for post-secondary transitions. 


Difficult to Choose the Right Major

Almost a third of first-time college students choose a major and then change it at least once within three years 

Unprepared for University

About 55% of students feel negative about their college and career readiness

Low Admission Rate

According to the BC Government, only %44 of high school students go into post-secondary after graduation

Unprepared for the Workplace

95% of American adults say that high school students and post-secondary graduates are very unprepared for the workplace.

We Created an Online Platform to

Build meaningful relationships

Build a lifelong relationship with your mentee/mentor which can last for a long time even after this program, allowing for personalized advice and feedback.

Prepare students for success

 By connecting university students to high school students, these high school students get first-hand knowledge of what to expect and how to be successful in the university environment.  

Supporting students from all walks of life

 Giving every high school student a chance to achieve a higher education by offering them learning resources they could not have received in their current status. 

Help prepare students with real world experience

 By hosting workshops and networking events, students gain life skills and a head start to meeting people in their potential careers.   



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